Why do we say that sometimes bow tie is more practical than wearing


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Why do we say that sometimes bow tie is more practical than wearing a tie Classic Classic Bow Tie Daniel Craig Dress up in a gentleman style on the Starlight Avenue. Blue three-piece suit and elegant silk classic black tie tie, more side of the wife Rachel phase to accompany, full of mature man charm of the wind. Broadband Oversized Bow Tie Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake wearing a black suit appeared Grammy music awards ceremony retro jordan shoes cheap, with its traditional broad knot with the old school but without losing cute cute! Diamond Diamond Tie Diamond Bow Tie Jesse - Taylor - Ferguson starred in the 'modern family' Ferguson chose a unique shape, exquisite diamond rhombus knot white tie and suit match, both ends of the bold design of the shape, Bright spot. Straight Festival Street Bow Tie Joseph - Gordon - Levitt Next Batman Joseph Gordon, choose the most able to set off a gentleman temperament straight knot. But too swaggering, to enhance the gentleman temperament, highlight the taste. Of course, the bow tie is not exclusive of the stars on the banquet, it can also be independent port, play their own fashion style, not limited to suits and ties, out of the civilian wind! Black and white printed bow tie black and white printed tie tie with a printed shirt of small Sao years! Show a different kind of British atmosphere! Cowboy dress up + red collar collar wearing a strap pants uncle! Cowboy dress for the old man added a lot of tough guy atmosphere. Red bow tie, so that the straps and shirts glowing funny fashion. In short, men can not handsome, but must have their own dress taste! Every man can become a gentleman cheap nike air max shoes, through a small bow tie with the right, their own temperament, taste, fashion sense to pass out! If you are still single king, no one to help out of the bow tie out, it is better to learn under the butterfly or butterfly collar collar method it! Butterfly bow tie or bow tie is suitable for formal or advanced occasions air jordan shoes cheap, but the butterfly bow tie / butterfly bow tie play more difficult than the average tie, need to practice many times to get the right shape nike air max 2017. Men's bow tie method assumes you are used to the right hand. The following picture is full of mirrors, meaning that if you can stand in front of the mirror to play the butterfly bow tie / butterfly bow tie, you will see the following image. Men bow tie system 1. Change the length of the tie (if necessary), the big bow need a longer tie. 2. At the beginning, one end of the tie should be a few inches longer than the other, and the long end should be on your right. 3. Place the long end over the other end. 4. Turn the long end over the short end and then pull it out of the area cheap jordans shoes. 5. fold the short end. 6. Cover the long end over the short end. 7. fold the long end. 8. Insert the long end into the back of the short end and then pull both ends to tighten the butterfly bow tie / bow tie.

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