Movie nights at college can be beneficial for non-students


Date & time Oct 16 '19
Kansas City
Creator Murray Monroe

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Students in kindergarten and junior school often get shown various movies and interesting videos that which teachers later use to test their comprehension skills. It is a proven fact that by watching movies with subtitles, the mind gains fluency in the language.


One of the biggest challenges that non-native students face in college is overcoming the language barrier. The inability to communicate effectively, often makes people lose several socializing opportunities. Moreover, non-native students often read essay writing services reviews on websites such as and spend away tens of dollars on hiring a writing service for their assignments. The best way to gain fluency in a language is to watch movies with subtitles. By screening movies, non-native students can indeed become capable of writing their essay assignments on their own and hence, save several dollars. Because university life often becomes highly frustrating for students, occasional events such as movie nights not only provide students with a great platform for socializing but also help non-native students in improving their inter-personal communication skills.


Moreover, educational movies and documentaries can help students in improving their general knowledge, and allow them to discover their hidden interests. Last but not the least, through such activities, new students find it easier to fit into the college environment.

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