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The excessive use of smartphones among students

Nowadays, students tend to use smartphones way a lot. It has been observed that students usually spend hours staring down at their smartphone screens. This is particularly true for the younger students today.


Excess of anything is bad. Whether it is about the use of smartphones, studies, the use of alaptop, or about partying. When the mind gets inclined towards a particular task beyond a certain level, it begins losing its efficiency in the other tasks. Usually, students do not realize this unless they get an assignment or when the exams are just around the corner. Finally, when they begin studying, they find it difficult to concentrate. Perhaps this is why many students choose to rely on essay services to get their essay assignments written. It is said that while smartphones are a device meant to connect people socially, it actually disconnects many of us from our immediate environment. Students who spend hours scrolling through social media applications on their smartphones spend no time with people who surround them. Hence, they lose a great opportunity of socializing with people in college. Unfortunately, students may not get such opportunities ever again in life.


Hence, students should focus on making college as memorable as they can. In order to do this, they need to reduce their usage ofsmartphones. In conclusion, they must enjoy the moment in real time instead of being virtually stuck on a screen.