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STOP KICKING OFF FIFA 17 has FINALLY introduced a feature we’ve all been demanding for years

Just like England tends to lose on penalties, FIFA 17 Coins Xbox One FIFA games tend to lose on free kicks. Gamers have never been able to shake the feeling that set plays are more “stumble like Southgate” than “bend it like Beckham”. Now games designer EA has finally unveiled a new system which makes thrown-ins, free-kicks, penalties and corners a bit more pleasant. It has announced a “set piece rewrite” which has overhauled this formerly frustrating part of the game. “In FIFA 17 you’ll be in complete control of every dead ball situation,”fifa 17 ultimate team coins EA said in a video to promote the changes. “The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity, variety and control in the most decisive moments of any match.
  • Created: Jul 12 '16
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