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User- Email Service Provider Interaction

A shopkeeper needs a customer, a doctor needs a patient, and similarly, an internet application requires users to run and generate revenues. Any of the mentioned cases not occurring would lead to a loss for the former ones. Email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and other top-tier brands have a large number of users. They want their users to login on the daily basis to remain strong on the web. In case, the AOL users come across any issues, they can contact our AOL Customer Support Phone Number.  

What is Account Inactivity?

In case, a user switches from one email service to another and stop using the previous service, then his/her account is deactivated by the website operators.

Account Inactivity in case of AOL

American Online is consistently performing well in US and Canada but due to growing competition, users are migrating to other reputed email applications. If the user does not log in for quite some on AOL, then, his/ her account will not be continued. Below is the time periods that defines account inactivity.

Inactivity for 90 days: If the AOL user does not log in for straight 90 days, then his account is temporarily deactivated. This also means that the messages sent to the deactivated account won’t be delivered and return to the sender.

Inactivity for 180 days: In case the account remains inactive for 180 days, the operator may delete the user’s account permanently.


Here are the most prevalent issues related to account inactivity. If you come across any of the problems given below, contact AOL Customer Helpline Number.

  • My account has been deactivated and in turn, I have lost all my emails. How do I recover them?
  • If I haven’t logged into my mailbox for 90 days and if I log into the account between 90th and 180th day, will my account be reactivated?
  • I log into my account on weekly basis but today I couldn’t access the account. The status showed that my account got deactivated. Can you help me out?